About Brf Tehuset


About Brf Tehuset
At Brf Tehuset you get the best of two worlds! You get the city nearby as well as you have the nature just around the corner. Stora Ursvik is growing and can offer all types of services, including schools and preschools. The tvärbana is being extended from Sundbyberg Centrum to Kista with a stop at Ursviks Torg, close to Brf Tehuset and is projected to be finished in 2022.

Brf Tehuset was founded 2012 and the first families moved in mid-2015. Today Brf Tehuset consists of 83 apartments with between 1-4 rooms and 6 commercial facilitates - one of them a well visited café. The houses are produced by Ikano Bostad and Brf Tehuset shares the courtyard with Brf Kaffestugan.

All important information, which should reach all residents in the association, will either be distributed in mailboxes and/or posted on the notice board by the communal front doors, as well as on the "Styrelsen informerar" page on this website.

Property Management
The association has hired SBC for the financial property management. Contact SBC with questions related to the apartment’s financial notices.  
Telephone: 0771-722 722
Email: kundtjanst@sbc.se
Technical Management
Delagott is our current technical property manager. Contact them with questions regarding a change of name or if you want to report an error.
Telephone: 08-55 11 05 00
Email: kundtjanst@delagott.se
Website: delagott.se/felanmalan
The office: 08-33 12 10
With emergencies outside working hours:
If there is an emergency after office hours, call 08-55 11 05 00 and you will be connected to the emergency service.
 Keep in mind that it is only for emergency matters and that it can entail a cost for yourself or the association depending on the situation.

The property-owner's responsibility
As an apartment-owner, you are responsible for the entire internal maintenance of the apartment at your own expense. How the maintenance responsibility is distributed is stated in the Tenancy Act and our statutes. In short, the apartment-owner is responsible for everything inside the apartment's walls - this includes the apartment's floor, walls and ceiling; furnishings in the kitchen including the stove, fan, and refrigerator; the bathroom fittings and waterproofing in the bathroom and shower room; and the glass and frames in the windows and interior and exterior doors. If something breaks, you must make sure it is repaired. It is especially important that you have an awareness over the apartment's wet areas - leakage damage costs a lot of money and generally leads to great discomfort.

The electrical system is common to all apartment owners. Should an electrical appliance in your apartment cause a power failure for other apartment owners, you will be liable for damages. Therefore, turn off all power devices when you leave the apartment.

A special home insurance can be a good protection if an accident does occur.

Renovations/changes in the apartment
Although you have a right to renovate your home, you may have an obligation to inform the association about your renovation. Minor changes may be made to the apartment; for example, laying new floors, installing new cabinets, or replacing the applicances in the kitchen. However, more extensive changes require the board's permission. For example, if you want to take down a wall or install new pipes in the kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes it may also be necessary to register for construction to carry out certain measures in the apartment. Always contact the board before you start! Also remember to take into account the surrounding residents when you carry out noise-disturbing work in the apartment. These should primarily be performed during the day.
If you want to make changes to the property's facade, balcony floor, or balcony roof, the board must always be contacted.

If you need to order keys for the apartment, email brftehuset@outlook.com
Electronic fobb for the garage door: 750:-
Booking key for the laundry room: 500:-
Other keys (L, HH, G): circa 450:- per key.
Note that delivery of new keys can take from 1-3 weeks.

Broadband, TV, Electricity
From 30/10/2021 we will have a group contract with Halebop and Telia for only 154kr/month which includes:

  • 1000/1000 mbit/s
  • Telia base TV packet with 18 channels

In 2022 we will also have a group contract for electricity – more info will come soon.
The charges for these are/will be added to the apartment fee.

Laundry room
The laundry room is on the ground floor of Ursviks allé 29. The booking system is next to the entrance to the laundry room and is accessed by an electronic key fob. If you do not have a key fob, contact the person you bought the apartment from first before contacting the board.

Garage and residential parking
Brf Tehuset has 41 parking lots to rent in the garage. If you wish to rent a parking space contact the board at brftehuset@outlook.com with the following information:

  • First and Lastname
  • Apartment number (3 digits)
  • Social security number
  • Mobile phone number
  • The date from which you would like to have the parking space.

The current rental is 1060kr/month for a normal parking space and 1160kr/month plus electricity consumption for a space with an electricity charging station.
The charges are added to the apartment fee.
Residential parking on the street is offered at a subsidised price via the city of Sundbybergs. A parking permit for this is required. Apply for the residential parking via Sundbyberg City’s website: www.sundbyberg.se See here for more information.

Waste management
Adjacent to the association’s buildings are two waste collection stations. These are equipped with locks. The key is the same as the one to the recycling room – the “HH” key.
To throw away compostable food requires special paper bags. Do not use plastic bags in the food waste chute (brown chutes). You can pick up the paper bags in the bicycle room in Stallgatan 22. You can enter the communal front door with the normal door code and the bicycle room with your apartment key.
Also adjacent to the association’s buildings is a recycling room. Only clean plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, or glass packaging can be deposited in their respective containers. Bulky rubbish, such as furniture, rugs, big items etc, should be disposed of at the nearest municipal recycling station/rubbish dump. Every other month, ReTuren organises a free collection of bulky items outside Handlarn, Ursviks allé 14 A, the schedule for which can be found at: svab.se

Locking system
All locks in the common areas will soon be replaced with a flexible access control system and the intercom phones will be installed at each entrance. Instead of keys you will use electronic key fobbs/tags. More information will follow.

Camera surveillance
The association has installed camera surveillance in the recycling room, storage rooms, and garage for the increased security of all residents.

Fire safety rules
The stairwells should always be free from flammable objects such as:

  • Door mats,
  • Prams/pushchairs/strollers,
  • Newspapers or advertisements.

This is because such items can increase fire spread and makes rescue work more difficult.
 Storage rooms for prams/pushchairs/strollers can be found in every entrance stairwell. Throw away newspapers in the waste collection stations (the blue chute).
 For more information on fire safety see: https://www.msb.se/RibData/Filer/pdf/25375.pdf

If you own or plan to buy a barbecue grill:
Barbecuing on balconies or patios is only permitted with an electric or gas-powered barbecue. Coal-barbecues are strictly forbidden! You are responsible to barbecue safely and have consideration for your neighbours.

Subletting your apartment
Subletting requires the board's consent. The board can approve subletting for valid reasons, for exmple if you must work or study elsewhere. "Test accommodation" elsewhere is also an acceptable reason for subletting. The maximum time you can rent out your apartment is one year. The association statutes and community guidlines also apply to the tenant. To apply for subletting, fill in the information on the page "Andrahandsuthyrning" and email to the board.

The association charges a fee for subletting in accordance with the association statutes (and with the support of the Tenancy Act). The fee is 10% of a price base amount per year (distributed per month), which corresponds to approximately SEK 388 per month (the base amount in 2018 = SEK 46,500).

Welcome to Brf Tehuset!

Information for new residents-July 2021 (1).pdf
Rules for communal wellbeing_July 2021 (3).pdf

The board:

Jan Sandström

Board Member
Victor Lennman
Michaela Lindblom
Davor Kralj

Board Member
Victoria Roberts
E-mail the board:


Stadgar 2017-11-29 (1).pdf

Annual report

Brf Tehuset årsredovisning.pdf

Economic plan

Ekonomisk plan_Brf Tehuset i Ursvik 2015-03-27 REGISTRERAD (1).pdf
Billing address:
Brf tehuset i ursvik 4024
c/o SBC knr 4024
Box 5
851 02 Sundsvall
Mailing address:
Styrelsen Brf Tehuset
Ursviks allé 29
174 64 Sundbyberg
e-mail: brftehuset@outlook.com
Org.number: 769626-7413